सत्यनारायण पटेल हमारे समय के चर्चित कथाकार हैं जो गहरी नज़र से युगीन विडंबनाओं की पड़ताल करते हुए पाठक से समय में हस्तक्षेप करने की अपील करते हैं। प्रेमचंद-रेणु की परंपरा के सुयोग्य उत्तराधिकारी के रूप में वे ग्रामांचल के दुख-दर्द, सपनों और महत्वाकांक्षाओं के रग-रेशे को भलीभांति पहचानते हैं। भूमंडलीकरण की लहर पर सवार समय ने मूल्यों और प्राथमिकताओं में भरपूर परिवर्तन करते हुए व्यक्ति को जिस अनुपात में स्वार्थांध और असंवेदनशील बनाया है, उसी अनुपात में सत्यनारायण पटेल कथा-ज़मीन पर अधिक से अधिक जुझारु और संघर्षशील होते गए हैं। कहने को 'गांव भीतर गांव' उनका पहला उपन्यास है, लेकिन दलित महिला झब्बू के जरिए जिस गंभीरता और निरासक्त आवेग के साथ उन्होंने व्यक्ति और समाज के पतन और उत्थान की क्रमिक कथा कही है, वह एक साथ राजनीति और व्यवस्था के विघटनशील चरित्र को कठघरे में खींच लाते हैं। : रोहिणी अग्रवाल

07 फ़रवरी, 2010

थाली में जहर



We are all heading towards such a disaster, against which all other disasters will stand nowhere। This article is not a part of any horror movie। It is a truth which will display that our health, food and environment are main targets of this new ‘MAN MADE DISASTER’

We all depend on food to live। But have we ever thought of the results if the same food goes against us? The truth is that some Multinational Companies (MNCs) are serving POISON ON THE PLATTER by introducing Genetically Modified (GM) food। They are making it as a source of their tremendous wealth.

Very few of us may know that in this technology, genes of plant seeds can be modified with that of animals, insects or micro-organisms। As such DNA of pig & rice, fish & tomato, bacteria & brinjal can be intermingled। This is all done in the name of increasing food production.

In 1989, 100 people died and up to 10,000 became disabled in US after consuming a drug named L-tryptophan which contained GM ingredients। Its manufacturer was a Japanese company। It was fined with a huge sum of 200,000,000$ by a US court.

In UK, after consuming GM Soya, allergy problems in the people increased drastically।

In Germany, during an experiment on GM corn, 12 cows died। In Philippines, a complete village was infected by severe skin problems after pollen grains of BT cotton spread in the air. The list of such incidents is endless.

According to Swami Ramdev and Jeffery M। Smith (Founder, institute of Responsible technology), using this technology is none other than madness and ignorance.

The irony is that Food & Drug Administration; USA has been approving these foods for a long time। Today, MNCs like Monsanto, Syngenta, and Bayer etc. have entered into the field and are polluting the environment by this new biological ‘Terrorism’.

In Europe, after this technology was welcomed, Bovine growth hormone was injected into the cows to increase milk production। But the growth of Prostate cancer in cows shocked the respective authorities. As such mad cow disease grew exponentially which resulted in the slaughter of thousands of animals!

20 out of 24 European Union countries (Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Poland etc।) have put a ban on the commercial cultivation of GM crops. At this point of time, India is welcoming the same. It is because most of the Indians don’t even know about GM food and its ill effects.

According to Mr। Devinder Sharma, Food & Policy Research analyst, this technology can hurt the ethical, religious and moral values of the people of India as GM food uses the genes of animals, insects and other organisms।

Growth of several skin problems in the areas of BT cotton farms; death of hundreds of sheep in Andra Pradesh, Haryana & Punjab after eating leaves of BT-cotton plants by them; warning by several scientists against BT Brinjal; decrease in soil productivity in the areas of its growth; and many of such incidents & experiments prove the disastrous effects of this technology।

Most of the edible product making companies of US use genetically modified (GM) ingredients। Doritos chips made by PepsiCo and many other brands which contain GM ingredients are imported illegally in India. Even this can’t be said for sure that companies like Domino, Pizzahut, and McDonald etc. are serving us the safe food.

Its high time all of us must act upon the problem. The time has come when consumers, farmers, students and bureaucrats must protest against it. It is better to protest together than to die together, since it has become a question of human existence.

Surendra Kumar Thakkar

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